Health Packages

Health Packages

In our busy and stressful lifestyles today it is extremely essential that we care for our wellbeing. Regular health check-ups prevent ill health and make you aware of any medical condition that needs your attention. BBH cares for you and your family and we have formulated packages in response to customer feedback. These health packages are tailor-made to suit individual health needs and are available to patients from age 16 years onwards. Our comprehensive health packages are devised to help you minimize the risk of illness and lead a healthy life.

Important Instructions to Patients

Reporting Time:
You are requested to kindly report to the hospital at the Private Patient Registration counter No.24 during the below mentioned time, on the following days except Sundays and Holidays:

  • Monday to Friday: Between 7:30 am – 9:30 am
  • Saturday: Between 7:30 am – 8:30 am

You are requested to:

  • Kindly  come on an empty stomach for the health check investigations (minimum 10 -12 hours fasting, starting  the previous night)
  • You can have a glass of water
  • Kindly avoid taking any medicines, cigarettes, tobacco in the morning on the day of the investigation
  • Except water, do not take any other beverages such as juice, coffee, milk, tea, soft drinks in the morning on the day of the investigation
  • Do not chew gum, eat breath mints or consume other food substitutes during the fast time
  • No alcoholic beverage should be consumed 24 hours before the blood test
  • Kindly avoid smoking 5 – 12 hours prior to the health check-up


  • If you are on medication, kindly carry your medicines along with you
  • If you are diabetic or hypertensive please take the scheduled medication on the day of the check-up after giving the sample of blood

Instructions for Women:

  • Please inform the Health Plan Executive if you are pregnant or if you think you might be pregnant, as an X-ray is not advisable during pregnancy
  • Kindly do not undergo health checks during the monthly menstrual period
  • We would like to inform you that during Menstruation (menses/period) it is not advisable to do Pap Smear Test and Urine Routine and Microscopy

Dress Code:
Since you will have to change clothes frequently while undergoing various tests, kindly wear comfortable casual clothes (preferably half sleeve attire for men and women) and easily removable and comfortable footwear. Kindly avoid wearing jewellery.

Previous Medical Records:
Please bring your previous medical records (1-3 year records) on the day of consultation.

Complimentary breakfast will be provided for all patients undergoing PPBS (Postprandial Blood Sugar) test.

Preparation for Tread Mill Test (TMT):

  • The individuals undergoing the Tread Mill Test are requested to shave their chest prior to the test
  • Certain tablet for Hypertension – Beta Blockers like Atenolol, etc – has to be stopped 2 days prior to the TMT test
  • ECG has to be brought with the patient at the time of Tread Mill Test
  • Patient has to have a light breakfast prior to the Tread Mill Test

Scheduling Appointments:

  • Kindly call in advance to fix the appointment
  • The approximate time for the completion of the health check-up will vary depending on the package that is chosen by the individual. It would take approximately half an hour to five hours; hence kindly plan your day accordingly. We apologize for the delays that may occur due to unforeseen circumstances
  • Opinion and advice will be given by the Consultant Physician based on the standard tests in the package
  • Any further tests/consultations/ follow up consultations recommended by the Consultant Physician will not be a part of the package and will be charged extra

We Look Forward To Serving You.

For further details and assistance kindly contact:
Phone number: 080 22024423, 9480827840
E-mail id:

We request you to kindly follow the above instructions as it will help us serve you better.
Thank you.