International Patients Corner FAQs

International Patients Corner FAQs

Helpline for international patients: +9180 22024304; +9180 22024308; +91 9448496602
How do I schedule a medical appointment with a specialist at BBH?
You may share with us your medical history and reports of investigations on ‘Request for opinion and estimate’ page along with other required details. The request will be forwarded to a concerned specialist, who will make recommendations. Our international patient coordinator will then get in touch with you with all the required details, available appointment dates, reference number, and contact details for any future correspondence.

You can use the reference number for all future correspondence.

Can I register by telephone?
Yes, but online registration will be required and is mandatory.

What documents should I carry for my visit?
– Fitness to fly certificate
– All papers related to your medical condition(s) including reports of investigations, CD copies of scans/MRI/CT/ECHO/Angio
– Prescriptions and medicines you are taking
– Details of known allergies
– Referral note from your doctor
– Visa and passport; if your treatment requires frequent visits, you may opt for a multiple entry visa

Will I be received at the airport?
Yes. Once your travel plans are made, mail and call our helpline number for international patients with your reference number and share your travel details. Our pickup representative will wait with a placard at the designated location to receive you and escort you to the hospital.

What are the registration formalities, on-arrival at BBH?
Submit a copy of the passport, one of our staff will assist you in completing the rest of the formalities.

Can I get a foreign language interpreter?
We could make necessary arrangements if the attendee is not well versed in English, upon prior intimation via phone or mail.

If my family accompanies me, is the accommodation arrangement possible?
While the hospital does not provide accommodation for the patient’s family, we can provide you with a list of hotels or lodges in the vicinity of the hospital.

During my stay, who can I reach for any kind of assistance?
You can reach the Guest Relations or Hospital Administrator at +9180 22024455 or +9180 22024380

What are the different modes of payments available?
You may choose to pay a deposit or an advance on your arrival,based on the final estimation shared with you. We acceptTraveler’s checks, MasterCard, and VISA cards. We also accept payment in USD.

Can I claim the medical expenses from my health insurance provider?
This would depend on the service provider if the individual is insured abroad. We will assist in providing you with the documentation as appropriate.

What is the discharge process at BBH? How can I continue to consult my doctor even after returning to my home country?
The patient is discharged when he/she is medically fit for discharge. Details regarding further follow-up will depend on the condition being managed by the medical team.