Payments and Insurance


At Bangalore Baptist Hospital (BBH) our constant endeavor is to help patients and their families focus on recovery and care. As a result we have instituted simple, well organized billing procedures to ensure that checking out of the hospital or paying for medical dues does not take a lot of time or effort. Therefore, we have two separate procedures for in-patients and out-patients.


Bill details are consolidated from different departments and sent to the in-patient billing counter. After a thorough check, the bill is prepared.

The bill can be paid by cash or card. We are working on making online payment available to patients.

30% bed charges apply for the first 3 hours, and beyond 6 hours full day bed charges apply. The regular diet charges are included in bed charges.


First-time visitors are charged a registration fee. Thereafter, all charges are based on services or consultations as requested by the patient.

No cheques are accepted without prior authorization from the Director/Deputy Director, with the exception of those received from government departments.

All payments are required to be made in cash or card.


It is advisable to check with your insurance provider if BBH is covered by them under the cashless facility. You should also re-check your insurance coverage and if confirm, check if there are any limits/caps on disease or treatment.

At BBH, insurance beneficiaries can benefit from cashless hospitalization only. A copy of the insurance card and identity proof should be submitted within 24 hours of hospitalization.

Working hours of BBH Insurance Desk:

  • Open from 7:30 am to 7:30 pm (Monday to Saturday)
  • Closed on Sundays and hospital holidays

All queries made by insurance companies are responded to within eight hours.

For patients staying in the hospital for a longer period of time, interim bills are sent to the insurance company to reduce approval time.

Bed charges do not include diet charges and are charged separately.

All original reports will be retained by the Corporate Billing Office as the same has to be sent to the insurance office for claims. A copy of the reports is shared with the patient for records.

On the day of discharge, the provisional bill with details is forwarded to the insurance company for final approval. On receiving the same, a final bill is issued by the Corporate Billing Office.

If a patient wants to leave the hospital before final approval from the insurance company is received, he/she can pay the final bill amount in cash, card or through the online payment mode.

Not covered by insurance

Diet, admission and discharge fee are not covered by insurance. It also includes non-admissible items (e.g. telephone, MLC fees, all certificate charges, all taxes, baby charges unless specified in the final approval, ambulance, ECG electrodes, infusion set, all plastic disposables, mortuary linen, etc.), and are to be paid by the patient.

If a patient occupies a bed different from what he/she is eligible for, then the patient will have to pay the difference (on the whole bill).