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48 years of delighted patients

BBH was a wonderful experience ...what you want in a hospital is humaneness and positivity which you experience as soon as you walk into baptist hospital..... The staff is at the core of this belief and you see it come alive as soon as you enter the lift. The cheerfulness of the nurse calms your anxiety. Also what I have seen is for the same surgery with the same specialist doing it at Baptist Hospital was at one third the cost of its other famous peers ...didn't know much about the hospital until a doctor referred it...feel like it's the best kept secret in amongst the hospitals in Bangalore ...cheers and all the best

Yaaron, Paediatric Patient

We have visiting BBH for the last 9 years for our family's health care needs and a special mention to Dr. Padmaja, Dr. Sathyavani and Dr. Indu Nair who have laid my anxieties at rest. The staff and nurses are professional and caring beyond their call of duties. Doctors explains every procedure and medicines meted out are of top quality. BBH is a one stop destination for my family's healthcare needs

Lissy Peter, Patient

When my wife Premakumari fractured her wrist and knee after a fall in January 2020, my confidence was hit. My worries were soon put to rest when an able team of doctorslead by Dr. Vijay Kamath, Dr Niranjan and nurses completed a successful corrective surgery. Our ties with the hospital span over 30+ years and its ability to wholistically heal and care for everyone equally is a balm to the needy. This is a place where God himself heals many

Meru Miller, Delightful rehabilitation of knee & wrist fracture

My relationship with various hospitals has spanned many years at many cities. But at Baptist Hospital it was my heavenly experience. The professionalism and humility shown by all staff including the lift operator and security is unforgettable. My experience, post surgery was devoid of anxiety and fear. Thank you BBH, for allowing me a little bit of heaven on earth.

Abraham Thomas, My Heavenly experience at Baptist Hospital.

I have been coming to Baptist Hospital since 2001 but it was different this time around. I came in with a knee injury. They enabled me to rise up and work in less than 45 days. I cannot thank them enough for their kind heart and gentle approach. I think I was half healed by the smile over their face and friendliness that strengthened me and lit up my heart. They not only just treat but touch lives that has a long-lasting impact.

Samuel Chandran, They touch lives

This was the best medical team I have ever been to. We are blessed with a child after 12 years of our marriage. The IVF treatment and the subsequent management was wonderfully managed by making us understand each aspect of the treatment. The team of Dr. Anne Marie Kongari, Dr. Ruchi, Ms. Gayathri, Ms. Pramila Ms. Christie and the embryologists worked together to make us feel better. "This hospital took very good care of us and made a very scary event very comfortable. Thank you for your wonderful care.

Vinod Prabhakar, Delighted parents

It was a pleasant Sunday morning. Suddenly my husband felt little uncomfortable and we rushed to Baptist Hospital. He had a massive "Heart Attack" which was a SHOCK to us. The way the emergency handled us was Amazing. Dr. Thabit took care of my husband with consoling gentle words and utmost care. Dr. Thabit, Dr Selvi and the amazing team of Nurses not only treated the patient, they have taken care of the family as well. I must mention the diligent way of explanation and assurance by Emergency Doctors who took care of our "Shock" with their appropriate carefully chosen words. Thank you, Team Baptist.

Parimala B Janardhan,

Amidst all the chaos at the emergency room, the staff doctors and nurses were all calm and composed and managed every situation that came their way very patiently and kindly. We felt really taken care of. Starting from the front-line security who helped my granddad get on a wheelchair to the nurses - Sister Sarala, Sathya and Shruthi, the doctors Dr. Sreekanth & Dr. Anjali; all took care of my granddad with a lot of care and compassion. Thank you for this wonderful experience. How I wish all the hospitals functioned like BBH.


Entire team of Bangalore Baptist Hospital team is so well enriched with flawless process driven professional approach.Service is provided with great Love, Sincerity, Dedication with full of Humanness.. Wonderful Team BBH well done and keep striving for bringing real joy to each one visiting BBH… BBH's built on this lovely planet for nurturing and showering Life, Joy and Happiness on the faces of patients who visits BBH. In the prevailing situation our medical fraternity has taken this challenging way with lots of inner acceptance, courage,grit, and determination. Today’s medical service is not a mere service ,it's a life extension, lifestyle corrections and progressing as a community continuous service journey to entire mankind. BBH has a well groomed, professionally trained team and it’s their commitment and responsibility to keep this team meticulously nourished for all future challenges of the life.