Fellowship Program in Clinical Chaplaincy at Bangalore Baptist Hospital



PROSPECTUS  2021 – 22


The Need.

The recent pandemic brought a sense of helplessness due to the scarcity of healthcare facilities. The need of the community is more real now than before as people fall sick and are in distress. Healthcare workers worked tirelessly to meet patient care needs. Resources such as hospital beds, oxygen, life-supporting equipment among others, were to be organized to face the situation. Management of mental health has also become a huge challenge.

The constant need for clinical, emotional, and spiritual support for those who are in the community is imperative.  Therefore, a basic sustainable healthcare support system in the community is essential to address this whole-person care.

Churches/parishes, organizations, or individuals need to explore ways to assist their members and the community at large in their illness or emotional crisis.  Organizations such as educational institutions, hospitals, hospices, corporates, and NGOs have a vital role to play in their respective spheres of influence. Some of the areas where assistance is commonly sought are identified and given below.


Facilitation of healthcare needs:

  • Hospitalization assistance –Admission /stay/discharge
  • Provision of information- healthcare, hospitals, and treatment
  • Eldercare and assisted living
  • Blood and organ donation
  • Oxygen sourcing
  • Health check schemes
  • Govt healthcare schemes and health Insurance
  • Vaccination
  • Medical advice for travel


Psychological and Emotional Needs:

  • Grief and trauma counseling
  • Crises
  • Addiction related issues
  • Family and relationship issues


The Programme


Every church/parish, organization, and community should have one or two competent individuals that the members can reach out to who are trained in basic healthcare and counseling skills with a deep understanding of healing and wholeness.

Keeping this in mind Bangalore Baptist Hospital has developed a Fellowship Program in Clinical Chaplaincy to provide formal hospital-based training in basic healthcare and crisis management skills. This program also covers an understanding of healing on Biblical foundations.

The program is aimed at equipping individuals with basic clinical knowledge and counseling skills to take care of the physical, emotional, and spiritual needs of the community, in order to experience Healing and Wholeness.


Course Structure:

The Clinical Chaplaincy program is a one-year full-time fellowship program covering:

  1. Basic clinical skills
  2. Counseling and crisis management skills
  3. Biblical foundations of healing and wholeness
  4. Community leadership skills
  5. Training and network development


Details of the Proposed Program

 Name of the Program: Fellowship in Clinical Chaplaincy

  • Duration: One-year full-time program
  • Hours of training: 900 hours of classroom learning, practical, and 630 hours of clinical work assignments.
  • Admission Qualification: Any graduate.
  • Age Limit: 50 years
  • Annual intake: 10 Students
  • Commencement of the program: 1st October 2021
  • Issue of Prospectus and Applications: 6th August 2021
  • Last date for submission of Applications: 25th August 2021
  • Date of Interview: 3rd and 4th September 2021


Work scholarship

A monthly clinical work assignment with a scholarship will be part of the program.



Interested individuals, Churches, and organizations can apply directly.  Candidates can be sponsored by their respective organizations.



During this training program, students will be posted in clinical and non-clinical departments at Bangalore Baptist Hospital and other hospitals and hospices. The program will also involve community postings in rural, urban settings, Palliative care, end-of-life care, and hospital chaplaincy.


Expected Outcome:

This one-year full-time fellowship program provides hands-on experience in clinical and psychological skills. Qualified students will be awarded a Fellowship by Bangalore Baptist Hospital. The name of the qualification will be Fellowship in Clinical Chaplaincy (FCC).


Management and faculty:

This program will be conducted by Bangalore Baptist Hospital in association with other hospitals. The faculty will be leading professionals from the Medical, Nursing, and Allied Health sector including Psychologists, Practicing Counselors, and Theologians. There will be an advisory board to guide the academics and clinical training.



PART- I Basic Clinical Skills

  • Basics of Anatomy & Physiology
  • Hospital Organization, Services, Medical Equipments, and Technologies
  • Food Nutrition & Dietetics
  • Basic Concepts of Health & Disease and Medical Terminologies
  • First Aid and Emergency Medical Care
  • Care of senior citizens and differently able persons. Palliative and end of life care
  • Vaccination, Travel Planning, and preventive health.
  • Management of Pandemic situations


PART -2 Counseling and Crisis Management Skills

  • Introduction to Clinical chaplaincy
  • Biblical Foundations for Counselling
  • Importance of Clinical Counselling
  • Developing Special Counselling Skills
  • Counseling the Addicts and Other issues
  • Crises Counselling
  • Marriage and Family Counselling
  • Introduction to Schools of Counselling and Psychotherapy
  • Ministry to the Aged

 PART -3 Biblical foundations of Healing and Wholeness

  • Healing and Wholeness
  • Pain, sickness, and Suffering –Christian perspectives
  • Church – A healing community
  • Networking and volunteering for emotional health
  • Medical Missions in India

PART -4 Community Leadership skills

  • Leadership
  • Communication
  • Strategies for reaching out to the needy
  • Community campaigns and training programs
  • Research methodology
  • Advocacy

PART -5 Training and Network Development

  • Public Relations
  • Volunteering
  • Partnering
  • Fundraising
  • Legal and statutory compliances


Responsibility and Management

Program leaders

  • Rev. Vilbert Vallance, BD, DCPC, Co-Ordinator
  • Dr.Bilcy Philip, BDS, MA (Organizational Leadership), Principal Co-ordinator
  • Mr.Sunny Kuruvilla, B.Com, MA, MBA,M.Phil (HSSM), Associate Director
  • Dr.Abey Chacko, BDS, PGCOI,  Head, Patient Counselling Division
  • Ms.Leena L, M.Sc(N),M.Phil, Principal College of Nursing


Technical Board of Studies

  • Dr. Naveen Thomas, MBBS, MS., (General Surgery), DNB (General Surgery) MCh., (Paediatric Surgery), MPhil-HHSM. –  Director,  Bangalore Baptist Hospital
  • Dr. Spurgeon R, MBBS, M.D. (General Medicine) D.N.B. -Endocrinology, Clinical Fellowship in Endocrine(UK) –  Director (Designate) – Bangalore Baptist Hospital
  • Dr. Philip Thomas, MBBS, DO, DNB Ophthalmology, MA (Organizational Leadership),  Associate Director – Bangalore Baptist Hospital
  • Ms.Veda Leena, M.Sc(N) –  Chief Nursing Officer, Bangalore Baptist Hospital
  • Dr.Kingsly Robert, MBBS, MD, MBA, PGDMLE – Asst.Chief of Medical Services , Bangalore Baptist Hospital
  • Dr.Joseph George, M.Th, Ph.D., Counseling  Expert (External)

Communication and Contact Person:

Dr.Bilcy Philip, Principal Co-ordinator

Rev. Vilbert Vallance, Co-Ordinator

Bangalore Baptist Hospital

Bellary Road, Hebbal, Bangalore – 560024

Mob. 9845512509   Landline 08022024304,308

E-Mail: clinicalchaplaincy@bbh.org.in